Erin Greenough
Erin Greenough. Canadian Artist, Illustrator, & Designer.
I run a little DIY shop called Black Math Studio on Etsy
Drawing, dogs, records, & tea.
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Check out my fancy new blog @sadgirlvegan at Lots of fun planned including interviews, artist features, diy projects, and more. Give me a shout if you want to help contribute!

I did a thing

The host I use for my portfolio website finally added a blog feature! Now I can make blog updates right on my website instead of linking to my tumblr. I made my first post today which is kind of exciting. Check it out at Hopefully I will keep it relatively updated as I work on new projects and events. 

Heal faster please im tired of being gimped

"Aimless Arrow" prints available on my etsy shop! 8.5x11 or I will have larger versions available at the royal bison this May in Edmonton. 

Gonna reprint my rat back patches soon as well as make some new patches for the shop! In the meantime I still have a bunch of these as well as crystal patches. Check em out!

I love my new job. They sure spoil me! I guess ill have to be more of a bath person to finish all of this stuff. 🍬🛀 #lush

My editorial illustration in vue weekly magazine last week, also used as the cover image. 

Screenshot of a satellite image of a cattle feedlot in Texas, US. 

Screenshot of a satellite image of a cattle feedlot in Nebraska, US.